Kishore Chilakala

Hello! I am Kishore Chilakala. I am an IoT Developer & Archtect. I'm focused, dedicated, smart-working and willing to learn in a changing and challenging environment.


Recent Projects Completed

Feedback Tracking System

ESP8266 based feedback devices are connected to AwS IoT core using MQTT. From there we process the events using aws lambda and stored the feed back in aws rdbs mysql. Developed a interface to manage the feedback panels and allocate the feedback panels to stores.

Vechical Insurance Display : Sigfox

This project is made as pilot project where vechicles will be provided a display device with sigfox connecivity. we have developed a backend server which talks to Sigfox server. We registere callbacks on Sigfox server to get the events from the Insurance device. We provide the insurance details from a central server to the device. By which we can elemenate the duplicate insurances and even we can track the vechical locations with this system.

Smart Home Skills

Developed Alexa and Google Home Skill for an Automation company. Where we developed a middleware which talks to Alexa and as well as Automation Server.

Smart Street Light Management System

A complete street light management system which can be used to monitor and control the street lights. Provided the socket server in the backend to connect the street lights to the server using tcp / ip. Client having only tcp / ip option on the device side so we have used socket server only. Each device will be control a phase line of one or two streets or more . Instead of having connectivity module on each light, client decided to use one communication module for group lights / streets in order to reduce the overall development cost.


Microservice Management

  • Consul


  • Fabio
  • Docker
  • Kebernetes
  • Django

Source Control Management

  • Git

Backend Technologies

  • C++
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • PHP ( CodeIgnator )

Frontend Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular

CI / CD Tools

  • Jenkins
    • FreeStyle
    • Pipeline
  • Vue


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Sqlite

Streaming Platforms

  • Kafka
  • RabitMQ

IoT Protocols

  • MQTT
  • HTTP

Voice Service

  • Alexa Skill Development
  • Google Actions

AWS Services

  • Lambda
  • EC2
  • IoT Core


  • Arduino
  • ESP8266
  • ESP32


  • Eclipse
  • Arduino
  • Visual Studio
  • Sublime Text


2009-2012 JNTU Kakinada
Bechelors of Technology in Electronics & Communications
2005-2008 SBTE Andrapradesh
Diploma in Electronics & Communications